June 24, 2014
MyEstimator! has added a tool to count and list the files in a selected folder. Need to email a list of files you're running for a client? It will take you seconds!
March 1, 2013
MyEstimator! no longer requires a separate installation of Microsoft Access.
August 4, 2012
MyEstimator! has a special offer in the September 12 issue of Graphic Arts Magazine... make sure you watch for it - we're giving away free laptops!!!!
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October 20, 2011
MyEstimator! now offers per M, Lot and Unit cost pricing.
Feb 9, 2011
Updated program so you can now create PDF files without an installation of the Adobe Acrobat application.
Sept 19, 2010
MyEstimator! now allows multiple contacts (with phone, email info) for each client entry.
October 9, 2009
MyEstimator! now includes a tool to count the number of PDF files in a specified folder plus count the total number of pages in those files and then print them all with a single mouse-click! View 1 minute video demonstration.

Latest Improvements!
June 30, 2009
MyEstimator! has been improved with faster PDF creation, multiple contact names for each customer and delayed emailing of your quotation! Plus, electronic docket preparation is now available for custom installations.

Print World 2008 - Booth 739!
November 7, 2008
MyEstimator! is confirmed again for this year's Print World show, same location as two years ago, booth 739.... see you there!

Graphics Canada 2007 best show yet for MyEstimator!
January 11, 2008
MyEstimator! enjoyed its best trade show yet. Besides more than doubling installations as a result of the show two important new features were suggested and incorporated into the program.

MyEstimator! confirms for Graphics Canada 2007
September 25, 2007
MyEstimator! has confirmed space for this year's Graphics Canada Show. Make sure you stop by booth 1062! Map

Graphic Monthly Estimators' & Buyers' Guide Special Offer
July 25, 2007
Watch for the MyEstimator! special offer in the Graphic Monthly Estimators' & Buyers' Guide this August.

Now reference files from MyEstimator!
Aug 8, 2007
Now you can reference and open files directly from MyEstimator! so you can easily look up a suppliers quote or a client's file.

Request for prices added.
May 5, 2007
Now you can use MyEstimator! to request prices from your trade suppliers with a single mouse-click!

Blast e-mails to clients!
March 27, 2007
MyEstimator! now allows sending a common e-mail message to every customer in the MyEstimator! database with just two mouse-clicks.

Print World 2006
Tremendous Success!
February 22, 2007
MyEstimator! enjoyed a terrific show at Print World 2006, resulting in 37 installations.

New Alternative Quantity Feature Added
September 20, 2006
New feature: Create alternative Quantity prices in seconds by globally adjusting quantity in your calculations!

New Export Feature Added
September 7, 2006
Now export a list of customers/prospects identifying who has bought from you and who hasn't.

Graphic Monthly Estimators' & Buyers' Guide Special Offer
June 15, 2006
Watch for the MyEstimator! special offer in the Graphic Monthly Estimators' & Buyers' Guide this July.
Version 2.0 Released
April 24, 2006
A number of improvements have been added to the latest release, including; individual price-line duplication, ability to open other applications from within MyEstimator!, one click addressing plus 7 other user friendly features.
Graphics Canada Show a Huge Success!
November, 2005
100% of Trial participants purchase MyEstimator!, further testament to the Power of this product for your Print Business. Contact us for your Trial

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The main Log-in page for MyEstimator!, the configuration page allows you to ask for an alternative password required Log-in page if your prefer.

The main Configuration and Utilities page for MyEstimator!, here you can set passwords, import your client list, compact and back-up your valuable client and quotation data, analyse your estimates and job-close rate, set the quick reminder times, name your price categories, taylor the three different Quotation Prep Descriptions and choose how to mark up your Quotations

The Email/PDF Configuration page for MyEstimator! Our program (along with Adobe Acrobat) can create a PDF of your quotation and email it directly to your client with a single mouse click. This page allows you to create a default message to be included in the body, (a subject line is created automatically by MyEstimator!) and tell the software to automatically blind copy yourself plus someone else in your organization everytime you email a quotation.

The Customer Information page, here you can enter or update a client's information, make an appointment in Microsoft Outlook, create a journal entry or send a quick email to the customer.

The Estimates! page in MyEstimator! Here is where the real work is done! Create an estimate, delete old estimates, archive estimates for later reference, email or fax the Quotation (with a single mouse click), set the Quotation to show a 'lot' price or 'unit' price, make private job notes regarding the estimate. New features include opening websites, sending bulk emails, emailing price requests to suppliers and creating followup or task reminders. You can also look up other Customers's information from here, enter the Quotation's product category, decide whether to include this estimate for later analysis and enter the job's profit on this form as well.

From the main Estimates! page you can see all of the detailed calculations for your quotation, Quotation name, Prep description, product category and whether you have included this estimate for analysis.

Quotation Analysis can be accessed from the Configuration and Utilities page. If the user enters a category for each estimate, you can determine your company's close rate overall and by individual category. By double-clicking the category field you can review every estimate for a particular category and determine what your most successful mark up or discount rate is within that category. If the user takes the extra step of entering the profit for jobs actually sold they can compare their estimate to the actual job to determine whether they can afford to reduce prices to increase market share in a category or increase prices in instances where prices already appear to be very competitive because the close rate for that particular category is very high.

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"... The best purchase I have ever made, it saves me a ton of time. It's simple to use, customers appreciate the quick quotations ... I love it!"

- Klaus Katzsch,
   Markham Litho
   Toronto, Ontario

"... clients have noticed the difference and have commented on the improvement of our quotations"

Steve Phillips
   Phillips Copy Centre
   Toronto, Ontario


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Demonstration Video - Click Here

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Benefits of MyEstimator!

Reduces Quotation preparation time.
Email or fax your Quotation with one mouse-click!
Reduces lost money due to estimate error.
Reduces lost print jobs due to estimate error.
Reduces time looking for lost quotations and speeds up looking for estimates.
Will allow you to close more rush work because your quotation arrives on the client's desk faster, looking more professional.